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Duty of care : how to secure the supplier relationship through vendor consolidation ?

We explain you why it is an asset for major companies to entrust a third party for the management of their Corporate Social Responsibility obligations with regards to the duty of care.

The duty of care : a virtuous but expensive scheme

In order to fight hidden work, major groups have an obligation to check the fiscal, social and societal integrity of the suppliers from whom they order services. In this context, suppliers are asked for specific documents attesting their identity and their situation with regard to tax and social security authorities.


These documents must be provided periodically because their validity is limited. Keeping track of all these documents up to date can be tedious and expensive. It becomes even more complicated when you work with hundreds or thousands of different suppliers. However, this is a phenomenon that tends to evolve with the atomization of skills in the field of IT Sourcing. So how can major accounts easily deal with these constraints ?


Why confide this verification to a third party ?

Using a trusted third party allows major accounts to industrialize the surveillance process related to the duty of care through a single window. The third party takes responsability of the monitoring and the completion of the duty of care. It takes the necessary actions to ensure the regularity of all suppliers. these actions, managed by a third party generates a much lower cost than if these actions were managed within the company, because of the lack of industrialized process for this purpose.


In addition, like Beteam, third parties specializing in the field are able to provide additional legal advice services (Sapin law, duration of service, dependency rate, etc.) and help in contractualisation services. The objective is to secure each stakeholder, whether it is the client sending the mission or SMEs, startups or freelancers responding to it.


Delegate, but keeping the control

Even if the third party assumes strong commitments, the client must always be aware of the status of its suppliers at all times with regard to the duty of care. This is why Beteam offers through its platform, permanent access to document tracking, making it possible for major accounts to ensure in real time the situation of each company or independent partner. The customer can, when he wishes, take the necessary measures in the event of irregularities or missing documents.

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