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IT Sourcing : Intermediation or disintermediation ?

They are many, different, with variable geometry… Depending on the nature of your IT sourcing needs: what model to use on the sourcing platform market?

Catalog of skills or sourcing advisory?

The atomization of skills on the IT market has been underway for several years. It has given birth to new offers of access to skills via intermediation platforms. But should we ultimately talk about intermediation or disintermediation?

Two major typologies of offers now exist on the sourcing market:
– a “catalog” type offer where freelancers register their profiles, their skills, their availability, their prices: a complete disintermediation. Here, mission donors must choose their talents directly from a directory of service providers, rated using algorithms or via questionnaires.
– a “tool-based service” offer where the client accesses a delegated sourcing offer (search and qualification of candidates, drawing up quotes, legal monitoring services) supported by a digital platform: there is therefore intermediation.


Sourcing platform : what is the best choice ?

It all depends on the type of needs and the availability you have to devote time to the sourcing activity: the two offers can also be complementary.

Within large groups, operational staff have little time to devote to research, qualification and contracting of services which are extremely time-consuming activities. They therefore turn to supported solutions, with experienced players in the field, who take charge of all of these activities. These actors provide legal oversight and monitor the activity of providers via a digital platform accessible to the client, a solution adapted to the volume to be supported for this type of client.

However, the completely disintermediated offer may be suitable, in the case of short decision cycles and in areas where the missions are also short-lived (UX / UI, Webmarketing, Webdesign, etc.). This represents an interesting alternative for players such as communication agencies or the dedicated departments of certain large groups. But beware of the qualification of the profiles, which can sometimes be missing!


Analyze your sourcing needs and the service sought

It is therefore important, before deciding which type of actor to solicit, to carefully study the nature of the needs and the means that one wishes to allocate to the problem.

In addition, several platforms, like Beteam, offer a non-binding service: why not test several? This allows you to select over a trial period those that have proven themselves and have proven to be the most suitable for your context.

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High Quality Sourcing

Beteam offers a single window for large groups looking to rationalize and secure their supplier base