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Needs in IT sourcing ? Don’t forget the SMEs

The SMEs are strong assets for your IT sourcing : the expertise and the innovation are part of the DNA of these agile structures. Their structure allows to go further in terms of services.

A pond of skills not exploited by major accounts

The SMESs / VSEs ecosystem in France, particularly in the digital sector, is extremely dynamic. Every day, the development of new entrepreneurial initiatives with strong expertise and capacity for innovation arise.
Major accounts are confronted to more and more atomization of skills. With digital transformation projects that consume a lot of new expertise, they turned to the freelance population, driven by the new generation of intermediation platforms.

Freelancers represent a sourcing channel that has now been clearly identified. However, SMEs / VSEs are still difficult to address by major clients. Despite their potential, they are faced with the barriers of supplier referencement and portage by the large IT companies, which reduces their attractiveness and their competitiveness.


A sourcing solution with multiple advantages

Beteam offers its customers an offer based not only on the best freelancers on the market, but also on a selection of specialist SMEs. SMEs expert in their chosen field, and also selected for their seriousness in their organization and their management processes.

The interest for Beteam customers is multiple:
– They benefit from an extensive sourcing offer, multiplied with each arrival of a new partner in the community
– They have access to extensive commitment capacities (results commitments, secure back-up commitments) which cannot be carried by the freelance population
– They finally have access to this pool of high-level skills at a lower cost.


Active vendor consolidation : Beteam exclusivity that makes the difference

The current market is so tight that we believe that skills must now be presented to our customers, even before they solicit us.

This is why we decided to create the “Active vendor consolidation”. In this system where the customer has given his prior agreement, companies directly solicit the right people to present their skills or meet their needs. No intermediary to transcribe the requests and responses, the direct exchange promotes a good understanding of the issues and needs.

When a service is contractualized, the customer benefits from both the Beteam secure single window, but also from the most advantageous pricing (vendor consolidation offer): he therefore benefits from sourcing at the vendor consolidation price.

Active vendor consolidation is an advantage for major groups as well as for the SMEs which provide the service. Large groups have access to value that is otherwise inaccessible. SMEs can promote their know-how to them in a simple and direct way.


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High Quality Sourcing

Beteam offers a single window for large groups looking to rationalize and secure their supplier base