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Our solution

Beteam manages the recruitment, the commercial portage and the follow-up of your IT teams.

Beteam is the partner of Purchasing Departments, Human Resources and CTO of large groups for their IT recruitment and the management of their suppliers.

More than IT sourcing: Beteam secures your supplier relationships

Beteam facilitates the mission of decision-makers in large groups. Our missions?


  • Find the adequate and skilled resources in a shortage market
  • Give access to innovative startup companies by selecting the real nuggets that create added value, and implement satisfactory and secure contracting methods
  • Control legal risks, and more specifically the risks related to the duty of care (URSSAF certificates, obligations for foreign workers, …)
  • Industrialize processes and reporting to reduce structural costs and administrative workload


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Reduced recruitment costs and administrative monitoring of external resources

Beteam offers a new approach to purchasing services allowing accompanied disintermediation, giving access via a single window to a community of freelance experts and start-ups / SMEs for IT recruitment.


This approach leads to a reduction of structural costs thanks to the industrialization of all management actions in a powerful digital management and intermediation platform and helps to maintain a high-quality sourcing, thanks to our business engineers.

Our platform offers a 360-degree vision, it is the working and monitoring tool for all stakeholders: Beteam, suppliers, key account managers.

Each stakeholder has a real-time access to the status of a mission and shares key information with the other parties without any latency.

The platform works in mirror: each stakeholder has access to the same level of information as the others via their personalized access

Each step of the relationship is simplified, from the creation of the supplier account to invoicing, including social and tax watchfulness.

A platform that manages all your outsourcing needs

Real-time monitoring of supplier status and performance

Beteam also ensures, via its platform, real-time visibility of the achievements and the situation of each supplier with regard to the duty of care. Gaining transparency in administrative monitoring and performance is now possible. The tool is also equipped with indicators and the possibility for the client to assess the outcome of the mission.

Sincro platform: a complete solution for the IT sourcing process

The entire activity of Beteam is built around the SINCRO digital platform.
SINCRO allows real-time intermediation between customer needs and the Beteam community.
But the platform is not limited to commercial interaction: it is the complete management solution for the sourcing process: monitoring, alerts, KPIs.


SINCRO : A 360-degree and transparent platform

Sincro allows real-time intermediation between customer needs and the Beteam community

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Vendor consolidation for major accounts

Beteam offers a single window for large groups looking to rationalize and secure their supplier base

High-quality sourcing

Beteam selects the best IT profiles for large groups, within the community of SMEs and freelances

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An optimized, declining, and modular price scale depending on the level of commitment.