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Finding the right and competent resources in a shortage market has become a challenge for large groups who have never needed it as much.

Beteam finds and selects the best IT profiles for them, whether SMEs or freelances.

We are IT recruitment professionals

Our job…is a job !
Sourcing requires time, patience, a lot of energy and a strong taste for human relations.
We do not believe in automation, neither fully digitized disintermediation, nor in catalog selection. We believe that our customers … have better things to do..


Sourcing skills is key for large companies

The sourcing by Beteam allows large groups to find suitable and competent resources in a shortage market.

Finding and providing skills on demand is simple: the client makes a request to Beteam, which solicits its network of partners and freelances to find the right skill.


How skills outsourcing works with Beteam

  1. Reception and qualification of requests
  2. Search and selection of profiles or best solutions
  3. Monitoring of the service

By also choosing the portage solution, the activation of new external resources is simplified, reducing the cost of implementation and securing the collaboration. Learn more about the portage by Beteam


Beteam is at the center of a community of partners and experts.

We value the partners of our network: recognized experts in their field.

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An optimized, declining, and modular price scale depending on the level of commitment.

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Human first

Fully master your supplier base

Work with new suppliers without increasing team workload

Permanent assurance of suppliers’ regularity with regard to duty of care.