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Vendor Consolidation

A single contact who manages payment, billing for providers, freelances or SMEs and secure their supplier relationship, it’s possible!

What are the advantages of using Beteam’s vendor consolidation solution?

  • manage all suppliers through a Single Window
  • work with new suppliers without increasing your workload
  • simplify and streamline administrative flows
  • gain flexibility
  • reduce the managing costs of external resources
  • gain security with regard to legal obligations
  • delegate while fully mastering your supplier base
  • ensure the regularity of suppliers with regard to duty of care


Beteam takes care of all aspects of the contracting of your IT teams. Single window, less time spent, reduced deadlines: external teams are active more quickly, at a lower cost.

Billing and recovery

Rationalize your billing flow! Beteam takes care of the invoicing and the payment of your external teams. For less management, less time spent, more serenity.

Management of legal monitoring and duty of care

Beteam takes care of the duty of care linked to the activity of your external teams. The relationship with your suppliers is monitored, secured, you time is optimized.

Transparency & Reporting on the activity

Our platform offers a 360-degree vision, it is a working and monitoring tool for all stakeholders. All activities and services can be viewed in real time, at any time.

Streamline the supplier flow thanks to vendor consolidation (Commercial portage solution)

In a market with fragmented skills, large groups are working with an increasing number of suppliers. What becomes an obligation to succeed in a shortage market is also a source of limitations when it comes to working directly with them:

  • Many suppliers on mission means many suppliers to manage (contractualization, accounting, payment, etc.) So it’s a big cost!
  • Subcontracting is also a duty: the fight against hidden work, the duty of social and fiscal vigilance, compliance with French and European legislation. These obligations take time, in addition to posing significant risks to the company in the event of default.
  • For these reasons, small suppliers are sometimes excluded by large groups despite their talent. Too small, too recent, independent players, SMEs and startups that are nevertheless real nuggets are forgotten by large groups. Or are only accessible via large IT companies, forced to bring them at a high price to finance their structural costs.

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Definition of vendor consolidation (Commercial portage)

The vendor consolidation or commercial portage, consists of using a third party to manage all of the administrative procedures related to the contractualization with suppliers.


The company no longer subcontracts directly with its suppliers, but with a single company, which is responsible for registering the supplier, contracting, assuming tax / social watch and carrying out the various administrative stages for the provision of its service.


In addition, this allows additional services to be offered to suppliers (adjustment of payment periods, access to the platform, etc.)


Warning: Commercial or administrative portage has nothing to do with salary portage, which is a status allowing a consultant to avoid the status of self-employed or business creator. For this, he will have his fees billed by a wage portage company (with whom he will have an employment contract) which will pay them back in salary.

How can vendor consolidation make life easier for large groups?

Being able to solicit new suppliers without constraint

The company has already selected the supplier for :

  • A one-shot technical support or freelance
  • A short mission or project
  • A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Mbut does not want to reference it.

Reduction in overall time spent managing all suppliers

Large groups use hundreds or even thousands of registered suppliers. For each supplier, it is a referencing and / or an invoice to manage each time.

The vendor consolidation allows to have only one referencing, while keeping a visibility on the supplier base and having extensive services on invoicing (grouping, breakdown, consolidation, …)

Management of the duty of fiscal and social vigilance

Beteam secures the relationship with suppliers and provides its customers with all the key information for maximum peace of mind: management and monitoring of risks linked to subcontracting (tax administration, URSSAF, declaration of foreign workers, etc.)


SINCRO : A 360-degree platform

Sincro allows real-time intermediation between customer needs and the Beteam community.

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Streamline the supplier flow of your business with our commercial porting solution